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Oil Change Service in Winchester, VA

The Importance of Routine Oil Change Service

What’s the Role of Oil in a Vehicle?

Drivers everywhere have their vehicles undergo routine oil changes. It’s relatively common for a driver to send their car in for an oil change without understanding the exact purpose that oil provides. Having a more thorough knowledge of the role that oil plays in a vehicle can motivate you to schedule an oil change when necessary.

Here are 4 main reasons you should change your oil:

  • Protects Against Engine Wear Particles & Sludge
  • Helps Cool Engine Components
  • Reduces Engine Wear and Corrosion
  • Promotes Extended Engine Life

Car oil directly applies to a vehicle’s engine. A car engine has many parts that consistently work hard to provide performance. One of the most critical roles that oil plays in vehicles is keeping a car engine’s parts lubricated. Vehicle parts that contain proper lubrication have an easier time operating smoothly. The appearance and feel of car oil are enough to see how engine parts fail to run smoothly without it.

The second task of oil is keeping your engine cool. It’s sufficient to say that an engine that’s overheating spells disaster. All of the performance that your car’s engine provides results in the engine experiencing high temperatures frequently.

People commonly associate oil with the classic image of a professional car technician wearing clothes that contain oil stains and smudges. A stark contrast to this image is the fact that oil works to clean your vehicle’s engine. Oil works to remove debris build up inside of your engine by moving the debris to your oil filter. The filtering process of oil within an engine results in the movement of debris.

It’s now clear that oil plays a variety of essential roles in a vehicle’s performance. Next, we’re going to unpack why changing your oil on a regular basis is so crucial.

What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Oil Regularly?

Running a car on old oil is dangerous since the engine’s oil is now dirty. Earlier, we discussed the vital role that a vehicle’s oil filter plays. A filter that’s too full from improper maintenance results in engine debris recycling into the car’s engine.

Too many oil contaminants put significant wear and tear on an engine which can result in complete engine failure. A dead engine costs thousands of dollars on average to repair. It’s not uncommon for a driver to ditch a vehicle with a dead engine altogether to spend some more money on a new car.

A car that doesn’t receive new oil will burn all of the remaining oil until the oil transitions into sludge. Thick oil sludge can’t run seamlessly through your engine the way that new oil can. The result of oil sludge is friction within engine parts that negatively affects performance. Changing your oil regularly will extend your vehicle’s lifespan. Having Tri-State Nissan’s professional service technicians change your oil is beneficial in more ways than one.

Our experienced service technicians can examine your engine as a whole during oil changes to spot other potential issues. Taking care of mechanical issues ahead of time will save you stress and money down the line.

Oil being funneled into a vehicle

Tri-State Nissan Guarantees Quality Auto Service

The Tri-State Nissan service technician staff are multi-dimensional in their talents. Our professional service technicians’ multiple skill sets aren’t an issue of quantity over quality. The maintenance work you receive is detail-oriented, so you get the same quality results every time.

Our technicians’ customer-service-centered approach helps our dealership offer drivers unique perks. Tri-State Nissan’s service center is open later than most of the area’s repair shops to increase accessibility. Drivers looking for in-the-moment repairs and servicing can visit our dealership without a pre-made appointment. We’ll be able to take care of most service needs on the spot. Making an appointment ahead of time is equally as easy using our online scheduling.

We strive to go above and beyond with our Nissan oil change service. Our professional technicians choose the oil that’s right for your engine and replace your oil filter so you can enjoy the road ahead.

The factory training that our technician staff holds allows them to understand your Nissan vehicle fully. We’re here to assist with crucial vehicle repairs like brake replacement, so you’re ahead of the curve. Our routine battery service and inspections help keep your Nissan vehicle reliable 365 days a year.

Tire inspections rank high in importance alongside battery inspections. We thoroughly inspect your tires to evaluate tire condition and pressure levels. Low tire pressure is a quick fix with the help of Tri-State Nissan. Our dealership’s shop supplies plenty of options for tire replacement if the need arises.

Get Value on-Demand With Monthly Repair Specials

Tri-State Nissan works to provide our customers with as much value as possible. Our monthly auto repair specials cover a broad spectrum of maintenance work. The result is you receiving quality maintenance assistance at an affordable price.

Check out our monthly auto repair specials so you can save money on in-demand services like detailing and A/C performance checks.

Get Your Auto Repair Needs Taken Care of at Tri-State Nissan

Tri-State Nissan’s professional technicians strive to take the stress out of auto maintenance. You can rest easy knowing that our dealership staff has the knowledge and insight to do what’s best for your Nissan. Take your Nissan the extra mile with Tri-State Nissan’s service department.

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