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Oil change service at Tri-State Nissan in Winchester.

Get Your Next Oil Change Service At Tri-State Nissan

Premium Quality Oil Change Services

At Tri-State Nissan, our Nissan service center offers full-service oil change services to our customers, and goes the extra mile every step of the way. With each and every oil change service we perform, our customers will get the highest-quality motor oil for their vehicle’s particular engine. All oil change services receive a brand-new oil filter as a replacement for their old one as well.

Differences Between Motor Oils

Our Winchester car dealership has a wide assortment of motor oil types to make certain your car’s engine gets the proper materials it needs to operate at optimal efficiency. There is quite a bit of difference between the motor oil types, and understanding when to use which of them can be extremely useful in maintaining the long-term health of your car.

There are a few different types of oil to use, and it’s important to stick with the type that your owner’s manual recommends. Most quick lube shops use conventional oil, as it is the most affordable type oil, however, it doesn’t last as long as other types. Next are synthetic-blends, which are essentially a premium conventional oil with a dose of synthetic thrown in. Finally, full-synthetic oil is made for higher-tech engines, and are typically the most expensive oil types. It’s common to find luxury vehicles or performance cars using full-synthetic, as their engines need better flow and peak lubrication over traditional vehicles.

Whether you need conventional, synthetic blend or even conventional, Tri-State Nissan has all your motor oil options to get the job done right.

Importance Of Regular Oil Change Intervals

Making sure to get oil change services at regular intervals can play a crucial role in the longevity of your vehicle. Engines are made up of dozens of moving parts, and those parts need to be lubricated to avoid damages. Oil in the engine provides this vital function, and over time, that oil begins to break down and becomes contaminated with dust, dirt and debris, requiring oil changes routinely.

Here are 4 reasons you should change your oil:

  • Protects Against Engine Wear Particles & Sludge
  • Helps Cool Engine Components
  • Reduces Engine Wear and Corrosion
  • Promotes Extended Engine Life

Staying on top of your car’s routine maintenance at our Winchester car dealership will keep your vehicle happy and healthy for the long haul!

The Ideal Length Of Time Between Oil Changes

There has been a historical belief that getting oil change services performed every 3,000 miles is the overall guideline to follow for years. Although it certainly cannot harm your vehicle, it is widely believed that the 3,000 mile mark might not be applicable in today’s vehicles.

With the innovations in tighter build tolerances and higher-quality synthetic oils, many engineers and manufacturers even suggest a 5,000 mile to 10,000 mile oil change should be the new normal. When in doubt, the best course of action is to check your vehicle’s manual for recommendations based on the engine type and motor oil type. Regardless of the length of time you decide, our Winchester car dealership is prepared to get the job done right.

Tri-State Nissan Is Your One-Stop Shop For Nissan Service

When it comes to offering drivers the most enhanced shopping experience, Tri-State Nissan continues to stand out from the rest. Our certified technicians in our Nissan service center make certain that every oil change services performed on your new or used Nissan vehicle gets the proper attention to detail it needs. Beyond that, our drivers continue to trust us as their preferred Winchester car dealership for our dedication to provide outstanding services, for a great value to you.

Stop in today to get your oil change services at Tri-State Nissan located in Winchester in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia today! You’ll quickly begin to see how simple and efficient oil change services should really be.