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Top Three Dangers of Buying Aftermarket Auto Parts

Is There REALLY a Difference Between OEM and Generic Parts?

When it’s time to buy new Nissan parts, you’ll surely come across OEM and generic products—and on the surface, they both do the same thing, right? After all, parts for your car don’t seem too different from each other. Unfortunately, life isn’t that simple, as generic aftermarket auto parts present a handful of dangers for your Nissan—dangers you won’t find with OEM products. Stick with us as we take a look at the risks of installing aftermarket components in your ride. Until then, head to Tri-State Nissan’s Parts Center to order your OEM parts today.

Gambling with Quality

When it comes to generic aftermarket parts, you never really know how they will perform with your Nissan. Sometimes, your part arrives, and when you attempt to install, the generic product fails to even fit in your Nissan. Other times, the component malfunctions a few miles after installation—which puts you back where you started (if not create more damage in the process). For accessories, sometimes, it’s obvious you bought aftermarket, such as when a bumper cover displays major seams or refuses to hang right or when your generic “carbon fiber” mirror caps begin to smear paint—indicating they’re not actual carbon fiber.

By comparison, OEM parts are crafted specifically for your Nissan by Nissan. That means everything fits as intended while you can already trust the quality of the Nissan brand—in fact, it’s often the exact same quality as the part you’re replacing, which often brings reassurance for your drives in a long-term sense.

How Do You Pick from So Many Options?

For generic parts, you’ll find thousands of brands for a simple product—even when you look for something as specific as your brake rotor, you’ll find countless brands promising the part fits your ride. To spend your money wisely, you'll need to spend valuable hours researching sketchy brands instead of spending that time making an installation.

For OEM parts, finding the right product feels far less stressful. By ordering the part you need online or speaking with a member of our parts department, you’ll usually only have one part to choose from since each product usually comes from the Nissan brand—it’s less time you’ll need to spend researching and feeling overwhelmed, and more timed enjoying your refreshed car after making your repair.

Quality Is Not Always Guaranteed

Remember how you’re gambling with quality when you buy generic auto products? Unfortunately, many aftermarket parts aren’t backed by a warranty or guarantee of any type, which means you’re out the valuable and hard-earned money you spend to purchase them if the parts fail to do their job. When you shop OEM from Nissan, most of your parts are backed by a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty as a protective measure that your purchased Nissan products do their job right.

Where to Purchase OEM Nissan Parts in Winchester

Ready to find OEM Nissan parts and accessories to help your ride continue running at its best? Visit Tri-State Nissan’s Parts Center, where you’ll find most parts you’ll ever need for your ride. You can also purchase your products online to help you get started now. For any questions, speak to a member of our team, and we’ll assist any way we can.

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